To advise government on which environmental and climate related factors drives migration within and out of West Africa with the aim of reducing the negative impact of migration, it is relevant to explore the topic of migration through the lens of modern technology and grounded techniques which has been tried and texted in other jurisdictions. The science-technology-based research outlook of this project will birth a library-based open source software (MIGRAWARE) aimed at analyzing migration drivers, factors and trends across West Africa. To arrive at this results, our research strategically employs BIG Data (remote sensing and social media), qualitative approaches, governance and policy analytics, citizen science approaches, and systems of systems modeling techniques with using Bayesian Belief Network Models to explore the topic of migration.


A jointly developed library-based open source software solution and complementary apps for data collection, analysing migration trends and exploring network interaction of actors. The idea is to supports updating and further develop migration analyses at WASCAL as a service provider, and provides a joint development platform for Universities, NGOs or governmental development institutes (NARES institutions) including interfaces to map and track human mobility across West Africa.


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